Apivita: Greek Skincare


One of the things I love the most when traveling is combing through local pharmacies and markets in pursuit of the next best skincare and beauty products. Apivita is a natural holistic skincare line from Greece with over 85% natural ingredients that I need to brag about. It contains natural ingredients such as:

  • Organic essential oils
  • Greek Royal Jelly
  • Bee honey
  • Propolis

It contains NO:

  • Silicones,
  • Parabens
  • Mineral oil,
  • Propylene glycol
  • Polycyclic musks
  • Nitromusks
  • Phthalates

I had the pleasure of trying six different products from their line and can honestly say, I'm hooked. Right away I was attracted to the Wine Elixr Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Rich Face Cream because of the obvious...the wine. It contains 90% natural ingredients and in my opinion is a great everyday product for normal to dry skin. They also have a version that contains SPF 15 for sun protection.

  • Wine has anti-oxidants that reduce wrinkles and may have possible anti-carcinogenic effects.
  • Elasticity and texture are improved with beeswax and lupine which tighten up the skin.
  • Hydration with natural plant oils, shea butter, oat and lecithin.

Bee Radiant Age defense Illuminating Cream Rich Texture

This is a rich cream with orange stem cells. Orange stem cells provide antioxidant protection, has anti-inflammatory benefits, and provide stimulation to epidermal stem cells for regeneration. I love using this moisturizer under makeup due to the luminescence of it which deflects the look of lines and makes the skin look healthy. Use the light texture for oily skin. 

  • Propolis has antioxidant attributes which protects ones' skin from external factors and premature aging.
  • Olive, pomegranate, honey and hyaluronic acid provide moisture. 
  • Contains Grapefruit, green clementine, bergamot and rose organic essential oils.

Queen Bee is Aptiva's newest addition to their line and I absolutely love it. This skincare line targets anti-aging, firming, and restoration of the skin. Its key ingredients include: Greek Royal Jelly, Zizyyphus a shrub used often in chinese medicine, Rabdosia rubescens which reduces darkness and redness, propolis, and organic essential oils such as rose, myrrh and frankincense. Here are the following products from this line I've been using:

Queen Bee Holistic Age Defense Eye Cream 

This is one eye cream that I would highly recommend. I love that I feel my eye area hydrated and tighter. 

Queen Bee Holistic Age Defense Serum

This is a anti-aging serum which I absolutely recommend. You can use it alone or under one of their moisturizers. I would recommend it alone if you tend to have oily skin. I use it underneath the Holistic Age Defense Cream which works amazing on my skin.

Holistic Age Defense Cream Rich Texture

I use this at night because it is very rich. They do have a night treatment version which I have not tried and a lotion version which I would recommend for oily skin. This is a wonderful cream to use in the winter if you tend to have dry, dehydrated skin. For now I use this as a treatment. It smooths wrinkles and give the skin a beautiful noticeable elasticity which I absolutely love. I use it over the Holistic Age Defense Serum.

Face Masks

They have various face masks and they all work in different ways. I love that they come in tubes or packets. The sample packets are actually nice and portable and give you a chance to try various kinds of masks without committing to one. The masks that I love are:

Moisturizing Face Mask with Sea Lavender

I love this one for its moisturizing and soothing ingredients. A friend and I tried this one after a dip in the sea in Greece and just laid out with it on a beautiful summer day and just rinsed it off with sea water. My skin felt great after it.

Express Firming and Regenerating Mask with Royal Jelly

This is a great mask if you tend to have dry skin. I over did it one night by applying the Queen Bee products on top and it was a bit much. This mask really does the trick if your skin is dehydrated.

Deep Cleansing Mask with Green Clay

This is a great mask I use when I just want a do-over. Especially during the summer month when it's hot and humid and I want a clean feel on my face. This is a great mask for those prone to breakouts and oily skin. 

I've been using this line for about 6 weeks and I had a friend compliment me on how great and youthful my skin looks. She had no I was using this new skincare line. If you are looking for a holistic product that works amazingly, this may be for you. I give these skincare products an A+.

Have you used this product before?

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